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We Use the Latest in Dental Technology

At the dental office of Dr. Thomas Vutech our goal is to provide you with the very best dental care and the greatest value for your healthcare dollar. To accomplish that, we use the latest in dental technology. This includes:

Digital x-rays

All x-rays emit some amount of radiation. Modern digital radiography equipment exposes patients to as little as 10% of the radiation that film x-rays did. It also gives the dentist instantaneous images – no more waiting for film to be developed. The images appear directly on a computer screen in the treatment room so you and the dentist can both see what's happening with your teeth. Digital imaging is also environmentally friendly. No more chemicals and film.

iTero scanner

An iTero scanner allows us to create an accurate impression of your mouth so we can produce perfectly fitted crowns, inlays and bridges. This new scanning technology allows us to take accurate impressions without the "goop."

ZOOM! teeth whitening

There are several different types of tooth whitening systems available in dental offices and over the counter. We've chosen to offer the ZOOM! light-enhanced treatment to our patients because it can transform your teeth in just one hour and we believe it is the safest treatment available.

Invisalign™ braces

It's increasingly common for adults to seek orthodontic treatment to get the smile they always wanted. We offer traditional braces as well as Invisalign braces, which has many advantages. They are almost invisible! Dr. Vutech is a certified Invisalign provider with 15 years of experience.

Oral cancer screening

More than 40,000 Americans are diagnosed with cancer of the oral cavity or pharynx every year. Our office offers patients a simple cancer screening.

Intra-oral camera

Small cameras specially designed for dental photography allow the staff and the patients see exactly how their teeth look is there is visible damage or decay.

Experience the difference!

We invite you to come in for a complimentary consultation to see what truly modern dentistry can do for you. Call 401-294-3533 to schedule an appointment.