Orthodontic Solutions for a Straight, Even Smile

Some people are blessed with perfectly even teeth from birth but most people could use a little help. At the North Kingstown dental office of Dr. Thomas Vutech, we help teens and adults get the smile of their dreams with traditional and Invisalign™ braces.

Bite problems can affect your speech and your ability to chew food. Braces are not only a cosmetic dentistry solution to overcrowding, excessive gaps and uneven spacing between teeth, they can also improve the functioning and strength of your bite. Braces can be used to fix under bites, over bites, and cross bites.

Our office offers both traditional braces and Invisalign braces for children and adults.

  • Traditional braces are made of wire and brackets that attach directly to teeth. These now come in a variety of colors, including clear.
  • Invisalign braces use clear, removable aligner trays that are virtually invisible.

Which Type of Orthodontic is Right For You?

Traditional braces are typically used with teens whose mouths are still growing and for people, whose dental problems are more severe, even misalignment of the jaw. The down side of traditional braces is that they be uncomfortable. The metal wires can irritate gum tissue and cause mouth sores. Good oral hygiene is critical and yet it can be difficult to reach all areas because of the metal frame. Despite these challenges, for patients with serious bite problems, investing in a few years of traditional braces can result in a lifetime of benefit.

Invisalign braces can be used with teens and adults. They can correct mild to moderate tooth spacing issues. Many people prefer Invisalign for aesthetic reasons, particularly working adults. Invisalign braces are also more comfortable to wear, causing less irritation to the gums. Invisalign trays are removable so users can eat anything they normally would without fear that food will get stuck in their braces.

Dr. Vutech will examine your bite, your teeth and gums, and will advise you which type of braces will work best for your particular situation.

Orthopedic appliances, like palate expanders, are also part of treatments we offer.

Experience the difference!

We invite you to come in for a complimentary consultation to see what truly modern dentistry can do for you. Download an intake form to complete at home and bring with you to your first visit. Call 401-294-3533 to schedule an appointment.