North Kingstown Children's Dentist

It's important to start good dental habits early. The North Kingstown dental office if Dr. Thomas Vutech provides comprehensive dental services for children of all ages.

Complete Dental Services for Children and Teens

We want to ensure your child's radiant smile stays with them for a lifetime so dental services for most children are focused on helping the child develop good oral hygiene habits and preventing and treating cavities. A professional teeth cleaning is standard in every visit. If a cavity does develop, rest assured that our office uses ONLY non-mercury, composite (white) fillings . We have never used amalgam/metal fillings.

Straight, evenly spaced teeth are the key to a great smile. If your child is missing a permanent tooth, a dental bridge can be put in place to prevent teeth around the open space from become misplaced. If your child's permanent teeth have come in crooked or with gaps, Dr. Vutech can provide braces . We offer both traditional braces and Invisalign™ invisible braces. If your child's teeth have been damaged in an accident or from sports participation, we can provide cosmetic dentistry services to repair chips and cracks.

Your Child's First Dental Visit

Tooth decay can begin as soon as a child's first tooth appears. That's why we recommend that you schedule your child's first dental visit when he or she is about 3 years of age. Although your baby's teeth are not permanent, they are very important. They hold a place for the adult teeth that will arrive later. When a baby tooth is lost early to decay, the later permanent tooth may come in improperly.

Your child's first dental exam is very short. At this visit a dental hygienist will provide you with information on good oral health for your child. Dr. Vutech will assess the development of the child's teeth, jaw and bite, and will identify any problems that might be developing. Mom or dad will be in the exam room with the child.

From this time forward, we recommend that your child see the dentist every six months.

Preparing Your Child to Visit the Dentist

Many children are cheerful and curious when they come to the dentist's office for the first time. It's a new and interesting environment. We do our best to make sure your child's experience at the dentist's office is a good one. We have a special area in our reception room for children, complete with TV and videos.

Some children have a harder time adjusting to a new environment. Our staff is friendly and understanding with children who are shy or fearful. Your attitude will strongly influence your child's attitude, so be positive and upbeat. You can accompany your preschool children into the treatment room so they aren't alone.

Call 401-294-3533 to talk with our staff about what you can expect at a child's dental visit. We welcome the opportunity to ensure the dental health of your child for many years to come.